External brick slip cladding on modern high-rise building
Theater Ugala in Viljandi, Estonia. Used materials: Terca ceramic bricks Red Smooth and customised designed bricks, Terca ceramic brick slips and corners Red Smooth.

Can brick slips be used for cladding?


The short answer is yes, the interior design trend for exposed brick has been around for a number of years and is still going strong in both homes and commercial environments. This has led to some creative results with brick slips as an alternative solution to traditional cladding systems.

What are brick slips?

Often known as brick tiles or brick veneers, brick slips are thin cuts from the face of a standard brick which offer an abundance of creative possibilities in construction and renovation for both internal and external use. Brick slip wall cladding embodies the warmth and character of natural clay whilst providing a solution where full bricks aren’t practical. 

Benefits of brick slips

Providing a real brick finish, slips are a cost-effective and easily installed method of adopting the exposed brick trend in the home. Low maintenance and taking up minimal space in comparison to full bricks, slips are ideal for transforming fireplaces, chimney breasts and feature walls. The beauty of slips is that they provide an authentic finish, as once mortar is applied the brickwork is indistinguishable from a traditional brick wall. Half bricks and pistol bricks are also available to help create brick bonding patterns and navigate corners. 

Where are brick slips used?

Go into the cafes, restaurants, bars, shops, hotels and offices in any town or city centre and you are sure to find decorative brick walls gracing interiors everywhere. Brick slips are used to create this eye-catching look, and as its very hard to tell the difference between brick slips and traditional brickwork, you probably see them being used much more than you realise. 

Using brick slips as a facade

Brick slips can also give tired looking building facades a new lease of life, with minimum effort required. By mounting brick slips onto an exterior wall, the detailing of the windows and doors can be preserved without the high cost of customisation. Wienerberger also supplies primer, adhesives, mortar and tooling required to fix slips to a range of substrates.

How to fit brick slips

Watch this how to video showing how to install brick slips in a few quick and simple steps.


Finally, using brick slips to produce a faux exposed brick wall is also an extremely popular way of creating an industrial, urban look in retail and hospitality interiors. With a variety of styles, colours, textures and finishes to choose from, brands can incorporate the latest trends into their interiors quickly, without the mess or requirement for bricklayers.

To find out more about Wienerberger’s range of brick slips, visit our dedicated website. Our website features a visualiser tool which shows how different brick slip design look in both commercial and home environments. 

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Apartment building in Tallinn, Estonia. Used materials: Terca  Red Flame  brick slips from Aseri plant (Estonia).

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