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How can Corium be used creatively to design innovative facade schemes?

Corium is a flexible, functional and imaginative brick cladding system with design potential that goes beyond traditional brickwork to create unique projects.

Realising new frontiers of architectural possibilities means unleashing the design flexibility of Corium – across the building envelope or in statement sections – with an expert facades team and a nationwide network of recognised installers.

The facades of the future require design versatility, efficient installation and architectural freedom. Corium is here to meet this challenge – redefining possibilities.

Colours and Textures

The Corium brick tile cladding system offers vast aesthetic choice, with wide range of tile colour and texture options to enable a huge variety of visual approaches. From the nuanced feel of traditional brick, to smooth, contemporary glazed cladding tiles, Corium delivers impactful brick facade designs that define the look and feel of your building.

Specifiers are truly spoilt for choice with Corium, as if offers a choice of over 2,500 brick tile design options. For a bespoke look tailored to your project, our team can help you develop your own blend using a variety of brick colours and textures or create a brick tile to match required colours.

Each Corium brick cladding tile is manufactured on the same red brick body, with colours applied and bonded to the surface when the brick is fired at over 1000°C. This is to ensure consistency amongst the brick tiles so they securely clip into the Corium rail system. 

The Corium range also offers a number of textural choices, including Smooth, Gloss Glazed, Rustic Edges, Dragface with Crease, Dragface without Crease, Sanded with Crease and Hand Formed Creased.

Our extensive range of colours enables true aesthetic choice for your exterior cladding project. Traditional or contemporary, eclectic or uniform, there’s a colour or blend to suit. Get in touch with our Corium team to discuss design options for your scheme.

Flexible Fitting

The Corium system also offers design versatility through the ability to be installed horizontally, vertically, or even at an angle, with no impact on performance, safety or durability (as per page 1 of the BBA certificate). This also allows for overhead installation to create soffits and ceilings. 

Corium can also be used to create dramatic curved surfaces or arches. It is easy to achieve curves with a radius over 2 metres, but curves with smaller radii can also be produced by installing vertically or cutting the steel rails into shorter sections. 

The adaptability of the Corium brick tile and rail system unlocks more design options as many brick bond patterns are possible. For example, a classic stretcher bond pattern paired with a red multi brick tile will provide a traditional brickwork aesthetic, whilst a vertical or horizontal oriented stack bond offers a striking visual effect best suited to a smooth or glazed brick in a contemporary colour. 

Eye-catching effects such as protruding brick headers, that need to be carefully considered in terms of structural integrity for traditional brickwork, are easily achievable using the Corium external wall cladding system.


Special Shaped Brick Tiles

With a stunning brickwork aesthetic created using Corium, it’s the finishing touches that can be achieved using special shaped brick tiles that add that final architectural polish to a project.

A standard Corium tile matches the visible face dimensions of a UK standard brick (215 x 65mm), however there are further design options available with a selection of alternative tile heights (50mm, 57.7mm, 140mm, 215mm) and lengths (up to 327mm) available for a less traditional brick aesthetic.

Wienerberger offer specialist brick tiles for stop ends, external returns, arch sets and more. We can manufacture one piece external corner tiles which are often preferred, as well as cut and bonded options. We also currently offer various size options for projecting tiles. 50mm height bricks are available with 15mm projection, whilst 20mm or 50mm projections can be achieved with 65mm height bricks.


As mortar accounts for a considerable portion of the visible facade on a Corium brick effect cladding installation, mortar colour is another design choice which has a large impact on the final aesthetic. 

The Parex Historic Mortar KL range, which has been developed specifically for use with Corium, features a range of greys, browns, reds and neutrals, with bespoke mortar colours available on request. A bucket handle joint profile is preferred with the Corium system.

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