Wienerberger Continues to Serve Customers During National Lockdown

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As England enters a four week long lockdown, we will remain open for business and are here to help you. Our production facilities are fully open and are operating under Covid-19 health and safety measures that meet or exceed the guidance from Public Health England whilst our office and field based colleagues are continuing to work digitally and are here to support you.

Construction is critical to the economy and has been recognised by the Prime Minister as essential to keeping the country operating. As a building supplies manufacturer and provider of construction design services, we want all our customers and suppliers to know that we are 100% behind them. Whether that’s ordering from our range of thousands of roof, brick, paver and façade products, video consultations, advice for architects completing specifications, or planning support, we are here to help.

Our customer support teams are here if you need us. 

Contacting Wienerberger UK Customer Support

Wall enquiries: 0161 491 8200
Roof enquiries: 01427 871200
Landscaping enquiries: 0161 491 8200
Submit an enquiry: Online contact form

We have constructed an FAQs section to answer all key customer questions, please visit Covid-19 Customer Support - Frequently Asked Questions.


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