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Yellow glazed brick hotel
White and green glazed brick building

How to unleash creativity through colour with glazed bricks

When it comes to architectural design, the materials used not only determine the physicality of a structure but also play a pivotal role in shaping the emotional experience of the space. Among these materials, glazed bricks stand out as a canvas of colour and creativity that architects can use to bring their visions to life. Much like a painter's palette, these vibrant bricks offer an array of shades that can transform ordinary structures into extraordinary masterpieces.

By integrating glazed bricks into their designs, architects can create stunning visual effects that capture attention, spark curiosity, and tell stories. In this blog post, we dive into the playful design potential of glazed bricks, exploring how vivid colours and a gloss finish can be used to infuse architectural designs with character, depth, and meaning.


Embrace Nature's Elegance with Green Glazed Bricks

Harmony with the natural world is something the architects are often seeking when it comes to material choice, and perhaps this is why green is one of the most popular options for glazed bricks.

From modern and zingy lime hues to subdued mint tones and traditional bottle greens that hark back to Victorian era trends, green is a versatile colour that can tap into both heritage and contemporary aesthetics.

The calming and soothing effect of green makes it an excellent choice for spaces that aim to promote well-being and relaxation, such as healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and workspaces. Blending green with complementary blues can create a serene atmosphere that fosters focus, concentration, and mental rejuvenation. Whether used as a dominant hue or as an accent, green can create visual interest and depth, allowing architects to play with contrasts and create captivating focal points.

Inspired by these glorious green structures? Take a look at Tahiti Green and Malaysia Light Green from our Pearl range of glazed bricks, and Amsterdam Green and Dublin Light Green from our Crystal range. 


Find Tranquility in Blue Glazed Bricks

Blue, the colour of the sky and the sea, holds a special place in architectural design. Blue glazed bricks offer a captivating and versatile palette for architectural projects that require a sense of timeless elegance and modern sophistication.

With a myriad of blue shades on offer, ranging from serene sky blue or cerulean to deep sapphire and navy, this colour palette can evoke feelings of calmness, creativity, and introspection. Lighter shades of blue can create an open and optimistic ambiance, while deeper blues bring a sense of stability and introspection. Blues can create a refreshing combination when paired with lush greens or soft neutrals.

By designing with shades of blue, architects can provide a backdrop that is inviting and harmonious, whilst minimising distractions and fostering a sense of calm focus, which is ideal for spaces that require concentration, such as offices and study areas.

Looking to incorporate beautiful blues into your next project? Check out the Panama Blue and Oceania Dark Blue designs from our Pearl range and Athens Blue and Paris Light Blue from our Crystal range of glazed bricks. 


Ignite your Creativity with Red Glazed Bricks

Red commands attention and can add a dynamic touch to architectural compositions through glazed bricks.

From the bold intensity of crimson to muted and earthy burgundy, its shades evoke a wide range of emotions and associations. At its core, red is often associated with passion, energy, and vitality. It can ignite feelings of excitement and drive, making it an ideal choice for spaces where creativity and innovation thrive.

In architectural design, the strategic use of red can establish focal points that guide the eye and lend a sense of hierarchy to a space. This can be particularly effective in large or open spaces, where a touch of red can anchor the viewer's gaze and provide a sense of orientation. Whether it's a bold entrance or a statement wall, the presence of red can evoke curiosity and a desire to explore.

The strategic use of red can establish focal points, guide the eye, and inject vitality into spaces. The use of red accents or details in a predominantly neutral space can add visual interest without overwhelming the overall aesthetic.

Are you brave enough to go bold with red glazed bricks? Experiment with Pearl Persia Red and Crystal Madrid Red from our glazed brick collection.


Bask in the Glow of Yellow Glazed Bricks

Yellow, the colour of sunshine and positivity, radiates joy and cheerfulness in architectural designs, infusing spaces with energy and creativity. They are ideal for creating lively and vibrant atmospheres that stimulate the mind and encourage innovative thinking.

Lighter shades of yellow, such as pastel yellows, create an atmosphere of softness and optimism whilst deeper shades like mustard or golden yellows can add a sense of richness and sophistication, evoking feelings of luxury and warmth. The reflective qualities of yellow can also enhance the perception of light, making it an excellent choice for spaces with limited natural light, such as studios and collaborative workspaces.

Our Lisbon Yellow glazed brick from the Crystal collection is the perfect sunshine shade, order a sample to see for yourself. 


Weave the Past and Present with Brown Glazed Bricks

Through associations with the earth and authenticity, the colour brown bridges the gap between tradition and modernity in architectural designs using glazed bricks. The warm tones of brown create inviting and cosy environments that exude comfort and stability. Whether in residential or commercial spaces, brown glazed bricks tell stories of timelessness and connection to the natural world.

The spectrum of chocolate, bronze, beige, and taupe harmoniously infuses timeless charm into your designs, a testament to history's embrace of contemporary allure. Darker browns can create a sense of luxury and richness, while lighter shades can lend an air of openness and simplicity.

Looking for the perfect shade of brown for an upcoming project? Try Pearl Arabia Brown and Crystal Stockholm Brown out for size by ordering a sample. 


Discover Equilibrium with Grey Glazed Bricks

Versatile and sophisticated grey offers a neutral canvas for architectural designs. Grey glazed bricks balance utilitarian aesthetics with industrial charm, making them suitable for both minimalist and modern architectural styles.

From light silvers to deep charcoals, grey's understated nature lends an air of refined beauty to architectural designs. Grey's understated elegance makes it a staple in minimalist and modern styles, allowing other design elements to shine while providing a sense of calm and balance to spaces. The neutral tone complements sleek lines, simple forms, and uncluttered spaces, allowing architecture to take centre stage.

We have a palette of greys to choose from in our core range of glazed bricks – our Pearl California Light Grey, Akoya Grey and Sri Lanka Dark Grey, as well as Crystal Oslo Dark Grey and Vienna Light Grey.


Blank Canvas, Limitless Vision with White Glazed Bricks

White, a colour of purity and potential, serves as a blank canvas for architectural vision through glazed bricks. White glazed bricks reflect light and create a sense of airy openness, resulting in designs that prioritize tranquillity and well-being.

By utilizing white as a primary or predominant colour, architects can accentuate the fundamental qualities of architecture while reducing distractions. The absence of strong colours or patterns allows for a heightened focus on form, texture, and spatial proportions, fostering a sense of simplicity and purity in the design. The neutrality of white serves as a versatile canvas that can be enlivened with accents of colour, bold patterns, or statement pieces.

Looking for a pure white glazed brick for your next design? Try our Crystal Helsinki White option. Off-white more your style? Order a sample of Crystal London White


Create Elegance and Intrigue with Black Glazed Bricks

Add a touch of enigmatic charm to architectural designs by using black glazed bricks. The intense hue of black creates drama and depth, encouraging occupants to explore and experience spaces with heightened awareness. The interplay of light and shadow on black surfaces adds an artistic dimension to architectural compositions, making them awe-inspiring and memorable.

The versatility of black glazed bricks allows architects to unite tradition and contemporary allure, promising lasting impact beyond fleeting trends. It’s association with sophistication and luxury makes it a go-to choice for creating environments that exude elegance. Black's depth and intensity can also be harnessed to allow designers to manipulate perceptions of scale and proportion.

Our Crystal Berlin Black glazed brick has a solid black, high gloss surface finish making it the ideal for achieving dramatic facades.


Step into a Kaleidoscope of Possibilities

In conclusion, glazed bricks are not just construction materials; they are tools of creativity that architects can use to transform their designs into vibrant, meaningful spaces. Whether it's embracing nature's elegance, igniting creativity, or finding balance and sophistication, glazed bricks open a world of possibilities for architectural expression.

The Pearl and Crystal designs within Wienerberger’s glazed brick range are available to order as samples on Swatchbox, with fast and free shipping included. Visit our Glazed Bricks page to view the full collection and place your order.

However, the design potential of glazed bricks doesn’t stop there. If our core range doesn’t include the shade you’re looking for, we can also deliver bespoke options for your project. Contact us today using the enquiry form on our glazed brick page to find out more about our bespoke service. 


Introducing the new Pearl range

Craft the perfect eye-catching exterior using our Pearl series of premium facing bricks. Elevate your design with a selection of nine exquisite shades, each adorned with a delicately translucent pearl finish, resulting in an elegant and luminous appearance for your facade.

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