Wienerberger staff designing and testing products


Wienerberger produces building products that improve people’s quality of life

At Wienerberger this means manufacturing innovative and durable roof, façade and landscaping systems alongside providing high quality design and technical services. Our products and services help to reduce the environmental impact of the built environment whilst also providing protection against climatic changes.

Research and development

Progressive research and development to evolve manufacturing processes and product design ensure our products provide added value for customers either directly, for example through safe handling, ease of installation and performance in use; or indirectly through the efficient use of natural resources. 

Sue Boyle, Lab Technician for Wienerberger

Reducing the environmental impact of the built environment

Wienerberger products help customers reduce the environmental impact of their buildings. Clay building materials, with their high thermal mass, reduce energy demand for heating and cooling. Wienerberger also supplies solar panels to promote the use of renewable electricity.

Finished residential building project with red brickwork and solar panels on roof

Resistance to climate change

Durable ceramic and concrete building materials are resistant to flooding, pests, vegetation growth and buffer against fluctuations in external temperature. The durability and long lifespan of both ceramic and concrete building products makes them a good investment for a changing environment.

Sunlight shining on windows in a brick building