2020 Natural Red

The 20/20 roof tile is a modern take on the traditional plain tile, using a modern interlock to provide greater flexibility and performance. Pressed from natural alluvial Humber clay, this premium material delivers improved longevity and natural beauty. The clay's irregularity adds charm and texture to any roof.

Minimum Roof Pitch:

15° at a minimum of 100mm headlap
22.5° at a minimum of 75mm headlap

Covering Capacity:

20.5 tiles per m2 at 75mm headlap
22.7 tiles per m2 at 100mm headlap

Maximum Weight Per Sqm 45.4 m²
Quantity Per Pallet 480

Length x Width
Length x Width
330 x 226 mm
Cover Width
Cover Width
Reference photo new construction single family in De Pinte

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