Inner city park with clay paved paths

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When you’re designing the built environment of the future, choosing the right landscaping can elevate a private home, multi-family residential development, retailscape or community space to the next level. That all starts with choosing the right material, with the aesthetic qualities and performance you need to bring the vision for your project to life.

Discover how a regeneration project in London created a beautiful green space for the community, using the rich colour and texture of clay pavers to complement garden landscaping. See how a university used sensitive landscape design to connect the historic part of its campus with the contemporary aesthetic of new buildings. Be inspired with a commercial space that links the built environment with the natural beauty of a waterside location with a blend of beautiful and durable clay pavers. 

Find paving inspiration, with a collection of paving and landscaping projects that showcase the versatility and beauty of clay pavers. Discover what’s possible, with a range of projects including private homes, urban green spaces and commercial developments, all using clay pavers from Wienerberger.

Birmingham Dogs Home

Rosa Waterstruck WF clay pavers were part of a new development in world-class facilities at Birmingham Dogs Home

Southwater One

A blend of Siena, Mastiek and Auraton clay pavers helped realise the vision for this new environment at Telford’s waterside retailscape

South Gardens, Elephant Castle

See how a blend of Wienerberger pavers was used in this beautiful green space serving a community of 360 new homes

The Yard, University of Roehampton

Herne Dark Brindled clay pavers were used to connect the historic and contemporary sections of this university campus

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