Cambridge Central Mosque

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Cultural buildings and places of worship have always been at the heart of the spaces that we build for our communities. In Britain, cultural and religious architecture has been the cornerstone of the built environment for millennia, with Christian church architecture evolving across two thousand years. From the Gothic style of the Middle Ages, transforming radically through the Reformation period, to the Gothic Revival of the Victorian era, and beyond to the 20th and 21st Centuries, where secular architectural styles began influencing the design new religious buildings. Of course, as Britain’s population diversified in cultural traditions and religious beliefs, so too did the influences and styles of its cultural buildings.

Now, in modern Britain, architects are tasked with not only preserving those precious historical cultural sites that make up our past but creating new community spaces and places of worship for a radically different landscape, with new challenges and demands.

Find out how our Heritage Team helped sensitively restore a Dorset church to its former glory, with bespoke clay roof tiles. See Cambridge’s modern eco-mosque, reinterpreting Islamic art and design for a beautiful, functional place of worship that cares for its community and the environment. Discover how Wienerberger bricks helped realise the vision for a Carmelite Monastery that effortlessly combines traditional elegance with a modern aesthetic. Browse our collection of cultural and religious architecture examples now.

Chideock Church, Dorset

Architecture to honour the past and fit the present using bespoke roof tiles from the Sandtoft Heritage Service. 

Cambridge Central Mosque

Corium brick tile cladding helped realise the vision for this modern, sustainable "eco-mosque" in Cambridge.

Carmelite Monastery, Liverpool

Showcasing intricate brickwork using Wienerberger's Con Mosso bricks, the new Carmelite Monastery in Liverpool boasts ethereal qualities on the outside as well as inside.

Blackburn Cathedral

Discover this £8.5 million plan to construct a Clergy Court and Cloister Garth using Wienerberger's Porotherm clay walling system. 

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    Stained glass window and brickwork exterior walls of monastery

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