Looking up at a Corium brick clad building with green tiles

How can you add impactful colour to facades using Corium brick tile cladding?

The ability to build with bold and beautiful colour is another example of how the Corium brick cladding system offers incredible design versatility to architects and specifiers.

Corium tiles are available in all the classic brick tones of reds, browns, buffs and greys, and in a variety of textures. However, when a landmark project requires an injection of colour to create a dramatic architectural statement, Corium provides an entire spectrum of shade options with a high-quality brick finish.

Let’s take a closer look at five outstanding projects where a creative application of colour on the building facade has been made possible using Corium brick cladding. 

A Kaleidoscope of Colour

Why use just one shade of Corium when you can have 15? The mantra “less in more” did not apply to the explosion of colour used on the new entrance building to Loughborough College’s centre for performing and visual arts.

Designed by architects at IBI Group UK, these rainbow-hued bands spanning the curved facade were inspired by the spines of books in a library, a look that could be achieved by placing the Corium brick cladding tiles in a precise stack bond.

Known as the “Hub”, this project was led by Wilmott Dixon and featured the Corium exterior cladding supplied by Taylor Maxwell. 

Ombre Effects

Colourful Corium brick tiles were used as a design feature by DLA Architecture in the development of Echo Central 1 and 2, a pair of 12 storey residential buildings in Leeds city centre.

These stand-out twin structures see traditional brickwork sit seamlessly alongside the Corium system on flowing curved facades, installed by Marlborough Brickwork Ltd for GB Building Solutions.

Each tower includes vertical strips of Corium cladding set amongst the brickwork, with a gradient of colour taking you from darker tones at the bottom of the building, to lighter shades at the top. With one building featuring Corium tiles in pink hues, and the other showcasing a variety of greens, each structure complements the other in the city’s urban landscape whilst maintaining its own identity. 

Glorious Green

When environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and biodiversity are key elements of a building design, why not make the entire brick facade green?

BPR Architects took this literal yet intelligent approach when designing the new £18m Ritterman Building at the North London Hendon Campus of Middlesex University.

Working with UK Corium distributor Taylor Maxwell, the architects chose three shades of green glazed brick tiles to create a stunning visual effect and tie into local landscaping features such as their green living roof and wall. Thanks to the environmentally conscious design of this project, it was able to achieve an Excellent BREEAM status.

The glossy green brick tiles were placed in varying bond patterns throughout the five-storey facade to add interest. The construction process was made even speedier by Corium wall cladding panels being pre-made off-site and delivered ready to install. 

A Multi-Tonal Palette

How do you transform a dull former government office building into an eye-catching luxury hotel? Corium brick wall cladding provided a solution for ESA Architects to add sophisticated colour onto the facade of Hercules House, now known as the Park Plaza London Waterloo.

The architects worked with Taylor Maxwell to select 1200m² of Corium cladding for a four-storey podium building at the front of the development. The wide variety of colour options, security of a mechanically fixed system and ability to pre-fabricate panels off-site made the Corium system an ideal choice for this project.

Design-wise, the architects wanted a facade scheme that had a unique character but also fit the Park Plaza brand and reflected the architecture of the local area. A bespoke blend of brick tiles in mauve, brown, cream and pale blue tones makes a subtle statement, with the light changes throughout the day playing with the colours of the external wall cladding.

A Patchwork of Colour

It isn’t only on UK projects where we have seen colourful Corium take centre stage on a project. This four-storey, mixed use development in Washingston DC features a bold application of Corium brick tile cladding, supplied by our US distributor Telling Architectural.

The Bailey Flats scheme uses vertical blocks of strong colour to create a vibrant effect reminiscent of a patchwork quilt, or Tetris if you prefer! Corium brick tiles in red, yellow, green, blue and black make this structure stand out in the local landscape, whilst evoking ideas of the area’s vibrant history. 


How can Corium be used creatively to design innovative facade schemes?

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