Close up of bay window made with special bricks
Selection of red special bricks
Plinth detail on window of modern house
Detail on house made with special bricks

What are special shaped bricks?

Wienerberger offer a wide range of special shaped bricks, including a bespoke service to meet more specific requirements. Find out more about Wienerberger specials.

What are special bricks?

Special shaped bricks are designed to specific shapes and sizes to help architects and builders create innovative designs in brickwork.

Special bricks are commonly used alongside standard metric or imperial bricks.

Why use special shaped bricks?

Using special shaped bricks gives architects the flexibility, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality, to create truly unique and visually spectacular designs.

As well as the aesthetic benefits, special bricks can also provide seamless functionality, adding extra durability and protection to brickwork. They can even reduce build time and waste on-site, in addition to addressing any skills shortages by removing the need for hand cutting expertise.

Special bricks can be used on virtually any project, from high-rise structures to bungalows. They provide design flexibility, speed of build, and a level of aesthetic detail that’s unachievable with standard metric or imperial bricks.

How are special bricks made?

Special shaped bricks are generally made in two ways – manufactured as complete components or cut from one or more standard metric or imperial bricks.

When manufactured as complete components, special shaped bricks can be produced using three methods:

  • Wirecut brick (extruded) - Manufactured by extrusion and then wirecut to size. The different special profiles are created using different shaped dies on the end of the extruder. These are usually perforated but can also be solid.
  • Stock brick (moulded) - Manufactured using a mould. The clay is either hand or machine thrown into a sanded mould to create the profile.
  • Waterstruck brick (moulded) - Manufactured using a mould, the clay is either hand or machine thrown into a watered mould to create the profile.

Profiles can also be created by cutting standard sized bricks. These fabricated specials can be cut, cut and bonded, cut and refaced, or cut and filleted.

How are special bricks used?

Because of their versatility and variety, there are many ways special bricks can be incorporated into the brickwork of a project, whether residential or commercial.

Here are just a few examples of how special bricks can be used.

Angle bricks

Angle bricks allow brickwork to turn through British Standard 30, 45 and 60 degree angles on plan, with variations in leg dimensions to achieve different bond pattern requirements. Other angles are available on request.

Cant bricks

Cant bricks allow chamfer detailing to be achieved within brickwork to doors, windows and corner details as well as other locations. These can also be used to form chamfered cappings used on walls.

Arch bricks

Arch bricks are used to form aesthetically pleasing decorative arch units. These are used over openings such as doorways and windows to form numerous different arch details.

Bullnose bricks

Bullnose bricks are used to soften the aesthetics and add protection and visual appeal on top of walls and around openings to doorways, windows or to the corner detailing of buildings.

Bonding bricks

Bonding bricks are used to create brick bonding patterns without the need for cutting on site. They are also used for stop ends to brick on edge cappings.

Capping and coping bricks

Capping and coping bricks are used to cap the tops of parapet or freestanding walls to offer protection and visual appeal. Cappings sit flush with the vertical face of the wall, while copings project at least 45mm from both sides of the wall and incorporate a drip on the underside to help shed water away from the vertical face of the brickwork below.

Plinth bricks

Plinth bricks are used to create a single or double course splay detail, allowing change in depth to brickwork normally at the base of buildings. These bricks can also be typically used for window sills and corbelling details.

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