Blended clay pavers

How do I create a paver blend?

With a wide range of colours, textures and sizes available in the Wienerberger clay paver collection, landscape architects can unlock unlimited creative possibilities when designing their own bespoke mixture of pavers for a scheme. 

What is a blend?

The beauty of clay paving is that each paver design can be installed on its own as a stunning landscaping solution or be combined with other shades to create a unique and eye-catching blend.

To create a blend, make your selection from pavers in a spectrum of colours, including greys, browns, blacks, reds, oranges, buffs and creams. The natural colour variation within each paver design further enhances the overall visual effect. The colourfast qualities of natural clay will ensure that the tones chosen for each blend will continue to look their best for a lifetime.

Paver blends are an effective way of creating the right ambience for outdoor spaces. A bold, directional paving design featuring strong colours can be used to draw attention to a landmark or encourage the flow of foot traffic along a chosen route. Alternatively, a paver blend with a soft and subtle aesthetic that complements the surrounding architecture is ideal for public spaces where people can relax and socialise.

Wienerberger’s dedicated landscape team are on hand to offer advice on how to achieve the perfect paver blend for a wide variety of projects and provide specialist support for large-scale schemes.

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Learn how Wienerberger clay pavers helped realise the vision for this oasis-like park in the centre of an urban redevelopment.

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