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Why should I install a bat box?

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Wienerberger’s bat boxes provide space for wildlife, discretely blending in with the façade. 

  • Why should I install a bat box?

Why should I install a bat box?

Following a widespread decline of bat populations across the UK, bats became a protected species in 1981 under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. Unfortunately, legal intervention has not enabled the number of bats to recover, due to a reduction in the number of roosting sites within buildings and a loss of feeding habitats across farmland and woodland. However, integrating a bat box into your project will provide a suitable roosting site for several of the 18 bat species living in the UK. Installing Habibat bat boxes may also reduce delays during planning application and minimises any delays to the build programme.

  • Wienerberger Habibat boxes

Wienerberger Habibat boxes

Our Habibat bat boxes are made from brick slips, featuring a plinth detail at the bottom to allow bats to enter and exit. The brick slip façade will provide a stable microclimate for bats and the boxes requires no maintenance once installed. Habibat boxes can be integrated into the façade of a new building or installed retrospectively, using matching or a contrasting colour brick.

There are several configurations available, including closed or open rear panels, where an open rear panel could provide bats with access to roof cavities or roof spaces. The bats will not nibble on timber, building materials or wires.

  • Best place for a bat box

Best place for a bat box

Bat boxes should be placed as close to the eaves or a gable apex as possible, at least 4 metres off the ground and away from windows, door and wall climbing plants to keep the inhabitants safe from predators. Bats often use tree lines or hedgerows for navigation, so placing a box near these garden features will encourage them to roost in the box. Boxes need to be sheltered from strong winds and exposed to the sun for at least part of the day, so a south or south west facing wall is ideal.

Nevada Buff and Staffordshire Smooth Blue
Nevada Buff and Staffordshire Smooth Blue
Nevada Buff and Staffordshire Smooth Blue
Nevada Buff and Staffordshire Smooth Blue
Nevada Buff and Staffordshire Smooth Blue
  • Order bird and bat boxes

Order bird and bat boxes

Eco Habitat Bat and Bird Boxes

Please phone our Specialist Products team in Customer Services to order your bird and/or bat boxes. Our advisers will provide you with prices, lead times and bespoke design options. 

  • Other configurations available

Other configurations available

  • Roof tiles for bats

Roof tiles for bats

Protect bats and prevent rainwater ingress to your building

Roof tiles can also provide roosting sites for bats which have been specifically designed to provide the right kind of space to protect bats from elements in their new habitat. The roof bat tiles offers a simple way to give bats access through small gaps whilst preventing rainwater ingress to your building.  Modified access roof tiles are also available as a more aesthetically pleasing and subtle option. We can advise on the amount of access and/or raised tiles to install; as too many openings will alter the temperature of the space, whilst too few may trap bats inside.

  • The Habibat Maternity Roost Box

The Habibat Maternity Roost Box

Perfect maternity roost box for bats

This bat box range is a variation of our existing integrated Bat Box range, featuring significant alterations that aim to provide a stable environment for bats and their offspring. Aesthetically, these products appear no different than the current products, however they feature one access point (instead of two), and enhancements to the inner workings in order to provide comfortable roost space for the species, during the breeding season.

  • External Rocket Boxes for Bats

External Rocket Boxes for Bats

Large bespoke roosting boxes

Wienerberger is delighted to partner with Habibat to offer our customers a bespoke double chambered Rocket Box providing a large roosting area for bats and allows them to adjust to micro-climates within the roost site during the day by moving from one side of the box to another. The box measures 80cm in height with a maximum chamber width of 27.3cm, and constructed from plywood which can be finished in a range of colours of your choice using water-based masonry paint or can be supplied in a plain finish or with the Bat motif. The double chambered rocket box is recommended for general mitigation purposes where a free-standing bat box is required helping to speed up building planning permissions.

*Recommended to be mounted on a 2m steel post (of which 30cm is recommended to be sunk into concrete footing)

  • Do you already have bats onsite?

Do you already have bats onsite?

Spotting bats on your site is a good indicator of a healthy ecosystem. Taking bats into consideration before starting any work protects you from prosecution, whilst also minimising any costs or delays later down the line. Having bats doesn’t mean that building work, roof repairs, pest control or timber treatment cannot take place. Your local SNCO (Statutory Nature Conservation Organisation) can offer advice on how to proceed if you suspect bats are in the area. Non-invasive checks into roost areas can be done without needing a licenced bat worker, but closer checks and any work on an existing roost should be completed by a Natural England EPS licenced worker because it is a legal offence to deliberately disturb, handle or kill bats.

For more advice about the protection of bats please visit the Bat Conservation Trust website at

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