Check-In point for new safety procedures in Covid-19.

Non-touch Loading Procedure

Enhanced Safe Working Practices - Working differently and keeping everyone safe with our new non-touch loading procedure.

At Wienerberger our main priority is to ensure that all practises and procedures are carried out safely and in line with both Government and Public Health England (PHE) advice to help get Britain back building. We have created the following procedure and controls to ensure the safety of our employees, haulage partners, suppliers and customers whilst visiting our premises.

Step One - Book In


2 working hours (minimum) prior to arriving at the site you are loading from, you must text the relevant number to book your loading slot. Your text should only include:

1. Collection reference
2. Vehicle registration number
3. Your surname
4. Haulage company
5. Time slot (1-hour slots between 0800 - 1600)

Slots for 0800 – 0900 and 0900 - 1000 must be booked by 1600 the day before.

If your requested time slot is full you will be texted back with the next available slot.

Site                                                             Number

Broomfleet                                                07523 922039
Denton                                                       07523 921901
Ewhurst                                                      07523 921906
Goxhill                                                        07523 922027     
Hartlebury                                                 07523 922034
Heckmondwike                                         07523 922041
Kingsbury                                                   07523 922042
Sandown                                                    07523 922043
Sandtoft (Collections)                              07523 922044
Sandtoft (Deliveries)                                07523 922049
Smeed Dean                                              07523 922050
Todhills                                                       07523 922053
Waresley                                                     07523 922057
Warnham                                                   07523 922059

Wienerberger Operatives social distancing team photo for working safely in Covid-19.

Step 2 - Paperwork


Collect your pre-populated paperwork bundle from the designated and safe despatch location area ensuring that you observe the 2-metre social distancing rule. Familiarise yourself with the products and then make your way to the correct loading point.


Your paperwork bundle will include:

  • Loading Instruction (for your information)
  • 2 copies of the Delivery Note
  • Load I.D. Card (only at Tile sites)
Production Operative at Sign-In Portal during Covid-19 operations.

Step 3 - Loading


Ensure your vehicle is prepared for loading; all curtains are tied back and cranes lifted. Place your ‘Load I.D. Card’ in view so that the forklift driver can read it. For brick sites, our forklift driver will know what to load from your vehicle registration number.


Our Forklift driver will know exactly what to load on you from the number on your ‘Load I.D. Card’ or your registration number. Remain in your vehicle at all times in the passenger seat with your engine isolated and your keys removed.

Loading of Wienerberger brick stock in yard during Covid-19.

Step 4 - Confirmation


Once you have been loaded the forklift driver responsible for your load, will give you the ‘thumbs up’ signal that loading is complete. You may now move to the next loading location or prepare your vehicle for movement. There is no requirement to exchange paperwork or provide a signature as we have your details from your original booking request.


Do not attempt to get out or move your vehicle unless the forklift driver has given you the ‘thumbs up’ signal as he may still have products to load onto you. Safety is priority and you must remain in the passenger seat during loading.

Stay in truck image for safe working in Covid-19.

Step 5 - Critical Work


You are permitted to operate within a 2-metre boundary of your vehicle should you require to complete any critical tasks on your vehicle. This includes raising or lowering cranes and undoing curtains etc. This is your safe zone


For your safety, you may be directed to specific load securing areas away from forklift activity. Whilst doing this ensure that all double stacked product is secured first prior to moving your vehicle. All areas of the stock yard and lorry parks require full PPE.

Production Operative signing-in via touch-screen portal during Covid-19 operations.

Step 6 - Leaving Site


As soon as you have secured your load you should leave site immediately. Do not attempt to return to the Despatch office and do not take driving rest breaks on our premises.


If you are leaving a Tile site, call the despatch office to confirm you are leaving. Please ensure you follow all site signage, directional arrows and maintain the onsite speed limit at all times.

These procedures are in place to protect both you and Wienerberger employees therefore your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

Drivers choosing to ignore this safety procedure will not be loaded and requested to leave the site immediately.

Wienerberger lorry in yard transporting bricks.
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