Kempley Antique
Kempley Antique


Kempley Antique brick provides a heritage-inspired aesthetic for this stunning home.



The imaginative amalgamation of modern-design with a classical elegance, drawing inspiration from the 16th and 19th centuries, has helped to safeguard the aesthetic composition of Lowmeade in Wilmslow as an incomparable example of brick architecture. The striking ‘X’ shape of the home, coupled with the myriad textures and tones of the selected materials, has been recognised as a forward thinking example of modern domestic architecture by Wienerberger.


The Challenge

Several factors propelled the design of the two-storey dwelling towards creating an overarching theme of the ‘Arts and Crafts’ period. The utilisation of gothic references, such as those found in the turret flanking the front door, alongside the three-pointed Tudor arch located above the front door, have tied together some of the finest assets of traditional design with the demands of building a functional family home. Additional inspiration came in the guise of Ernest Barnsley’s Rodmartin Manor near Cirencester, which can be seen in the building’s rectangular windows. 

The Solution

Since historical referencing was integral to securing the pedigree of the project, Wienerberger’s Kempley Antique brick was the perfect choice for adding subtle beauty to the home’s exterior. Due to the variety offered by the brick, with colors subtly ranging from sandy browns to almost black, eye-catching detail was achieved resulting in harmony between the stone surrounded windows and the somber roof tiles.

The ultimate objective of the project was to create an impressive and formal home but also to be practical and suited to relaxed family living when eventually familiarised with. Now complete, the project has certainly exceeded its goals and amalgamating the Kempley Antique brick with the other components of the structure has created a beautiful looking exterior and showcased the unique appeal of bricks for modern new builds.  

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